BIGG BOSS Season 12 Audition Apply Online BB12

BIGG BOSS 12 Audition Date Will announced soon

Big Boss is a very famous reality show broadcasting on Color Channel. This show has completed its
11 seasons. And this time Season 12 is under preparation. The format of this show has been taken
from reality show Big Brother, which is broadcast in the Netherlands. Bigg Boss has completed 11
seasons and Big Boss is one of the most famous shows in India’s reality show.
The house of Big Boss is very big and beautiful, with one or two bedrooms, kitchen, activity area,
swimming pool, gym, toilet and a garden. The house of Big Boss is in Lonavla of Mumbai. This is a
famous tourist destination in Mumbai. The house of Big Boss is created in new ways for every new
season and it is decorated with a new trend. In this house, competitors are not allowed to keep any
device like mobile, TV, internet.
In the house of Big Boss, all the contestants are locked together indoors. And all the competitors are
monitored by the camera. Task is given every week. At the Big Boss reality show, every week is
designated contestants for expulsion. Contestants who receive more votes are nominated. In order
to be safe at the show, the nominated contestant appeals to the people to vote.
Every week on Saturdays and Sundays, the contestant who gets the lowest vote in Weekend’s War
gets out of the Big Boss Show. On the basis of the vote, one of the three contestants who are elected
at the end of the show is declared the winner. The show of Big Boss runs for almost three months. In
this show, all the contestants are kept separate from external information and activities.

BIGG BOSS 12 Audition

The biggest and favourite reality show on TV is Good News for the fans of Big Boss. It is expected
that auditions have started for the 12th season of Bigg Boss. But this time the new twist has been
kept in the audition.

BIGG BOSS Season 12 Audition Start Now

 The talk show Big-Boss 12 is just a few months away in the beginning. Just like every year,
this year too Big Boss will be seen with a new incarnation.
 Like every year, Big Boss is going to start with a new concept this year too. Let’s say this time
the Big-Boss season is 12 and this season Big-Boss members will be seen in pairs. Yes, this is
the new concept of Big-Boss 12. Now the big-boss house will be seen in the contests added.
Say this information has been tweeted by the channel. To make a big bang in the house of
Big-Boss 12, now the Contestant will have to bring his partner together.
 Like every year, Big Boss will start on October 12 this year too.
 At present, audiences of Big-Boss 12 have started. But even this year, Salman will host the
show just like every year; its information has not yet been received.
This information was given on Colors channel’s Twitter handle. It was reported in a tweet that
the Big Boss-12 is about to start soon and this time we need a concert in pairs. So bring a partner
with you to get double bombs at Big Boss’s house. Auditions have started